Have you been contemplating undergoing dental surgery but are confused between “Dental Bridge and Dental Implant.” Then you are in the right place. To clear off the confusion between the two, Dr Radhika has compiled a comprehensive guide that encompasses the details and differences between the two. She provides the best guidance in dental implants in south Delhi.

The blog details the procedures involved in dental implants and bridges and lists the importance of oral health. The multiple factors involved in dental care procedures have been discussed in detail as well.

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  1. What is a Dental Implant?
  2. What is a Dental Bridge?
  3. Dental Implant vs Bridge
  4. Factors to consider while choosing between an implant and a bridge
  5. What lasts longer: Dental Implant or Bridge?


What is a Dental Cap?

A dental implant is a surgical procedure in which the damaged tooth roots are replaced with metal and screw-like posts. The dental implant is primarily performed to replace damaged or missing teeth. The screw-like devices that the surgeon implants into the jawbone act as an anchor for an artificial tooth. The structure implants are also referred to as the crown. The new teeth implants thus offer a welcome alternative to the dental bridgework and dentures that do not fit well. 

The significant benefit of dental implant surgery is that it offers firm support to the teeth. The process of dental implants can sometimes take months because bone healing requires time. A device known as an abutment is used to connect the artificial tooth to the dental implant. When the question of support of “tooth bridge vs implant” rises, then it is the implants that provide better support. Because the titanium used in the implants fuses with the jawbone and makes sure to cause no damage to the bone. Also, unlike regular bridgework, the material used does not decay.

There are three types of dental implants, and the names have been provided below-

  1. Endosteal Dental Implants. 
  2. Subperiosteal Dental Implants.

What is a Dental Bridge?

If a patient has one or more missing teeth, then a dental bridge is used to fill the gap with the help of one or more artificial teeth. Thus, a Dental bridge helps to bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Depending upon the patient’s requirement, a single tooth bridge or multiple tooth bridge can be used.

A dental bridge comprises two or more crowns used in place of a damaged or missing tooth. The false tooth (also called pontic) is held in its place with the help of a dental bridge. Sometimes, the dental bridges used are supported with the help of implants or natural teeth. It should be brought into conscience that a dental implant bridge or implant-supported bridge requires surgery to place the implants in the desired place.

There are four types of dental bridges, and the names have been listed below-

  • Cantilever Dental Bridge
  • Traditional Dental Bridge
  • Implant-Supported Bridge
  • Maryland Bonded Bridge

Thus, to overcome oral issues and restore oral health, dental bridges help the patients immensely.

Dental Implant Vs Bridge

Dental bridges and implants both help to overcome multiple oral health issues and deliver natural-looking results. Both of them have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. The article closely deals with the details of Dental Implants and Dental Bridges. 

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The procedure of Dental Implants-

The dental implant is a three-step oral care procedure. The steps in detail have been provided below-

Step 1: Placing the Implant

In the first step, the implant is buried into the jaw bone with the help of surgery, depending upon the requirements. The implant replaces the tooth root and requires sufficient time to heal (approximately 3-6 months). During this procedure, the cells are attached to the implanted rod to secure the implants further.

Step 2: Placing the Abutment

In the next step, the abutment is a device that is used to connect the implant to the artificial tooth. The abutment placed bridges the gum line and makes sure that the implant remains secure. The abutment has its own healing time.

Step 3: The Prosthetic Teeth

After the implant and abutment have been successfully integrated, the prosthetic tooth is fabricated and installed. This makes the entire process for the new teeth implant complete.

The Procedure of Dental Bridge-

The process involved in the medical procedure of securing a dental bridge has been discussed in detail below-

  • In the first step, the area is numbed to make the patient comfortable.
  • If there is any tooth decay or damage, then it is removed.
  • The bridge is shaped depending upon the shape and requirement of the teeth.
  • The impression of the teeth is taken, and the desired mould is crafted.
  • If required, a temporary bridge is placed.
  • Before placing the final bridge, several sitting may be required. 
  • The new bridge is then fitted, and the patient’s bite is checked to ensure comfort.

Once everything is confirmed, the dental bridges placed are cemented in the desired places. The patient is then recommended with a post-care treatment routine for a speedy recovery.


When compared, dental implants have more durability than bridges. Dental implants can often last a lifetime. Bridges, on the other hand, have a shelf-life of around ten years. Much like the bridges, dental implants also support jaw health, impact the shape of the face and help to maintain overall oral health. The dental bridges need a periodic replacement after every five to ten years.


The Dental Bridges have a natural look. But when compared with dental implants, they are less aesthetic. Dental implants are often created to match the natural colour of the tooth and thus create a more aesthetic appearance.

Dental Bridge vs Implant Cost-

When compared, dental bridges are usually cheaper than implants. The various medical insurance companies also sometimes cover the cost of dental bridge treatment. However, the price for dental bridge and dental implant depends upon multiple factors, many of which have been provided below-

  • The type of procedure followed
  • The materials used
  • The place where one lives
  • The extensiveness of the procedure
  • The post-care treatment and follow-up.

A low-end dental bridge can cost the patient around INR 6000, while the expensive bridges can cost up to INR 20,000. However, the price is not inclusive of the dental crowns that are additionally attached for protection. A dental crown can additionally cost around 14,000 INR to 42,000 INR.

On the contrary, dental implants that involve surgery usually cost around INR 25,000 to INR 50,000. The medical insurance companies in the market are less likely to cover the cost of dental implant surgery.
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Factors to consider while choosing between an implant and a bridge

There is always confusion between implants and bridges. To address this confusion, Dr Radhika has discussed the factors one should consider before choosing a dental bridge or implant.

Thus before choosing a dental implant and a bridge, the patients should consider the following factors.

  • Cost: In case you have dental insurance, then the dental bridge cost is more likely to be covered. The implant cost, on the other hand, is not covered by the insurance. However, depending upon the need, the dentist can recommend dental implants as well. 
  • The number of missing teeth: If the patient is missing more than one consecutive tooth, then the dental bridge is a better option. Implants require surgery to be performed. The implants can also be used after undergoing a dental bridge placement to provide more firmness to the jawbone and teeth.
  • Time: The entire process of getting a dental implant is time-consuming and can take several months. On the contrary, the bridge can easily be installed in two simple trips, usually spread over weeks.
  • Overall health: Depending upon the patient’s health and requirement, the suggestion for a dental implant and a dental bridge is provided. However, to undergo dental implant surgery, one needs to have a healthy jaw. Also, people who have diabetes or leukaemia are not recommended for dental implant surgery.

What Lasts Longer: Dental Implant or Bridge?

When compared to the dental bridge, dental implants have a longer duration and sometimes have lifetime durability. On the contrary, Dental Bridges have a lifespan of around ten years. The dental bridges need to be replaced after a period of every five to ten years.

The bridges and dental implants thus, help to restore oral health and restore the shape of your face.

Precautions to be taken After Dental implant and Bridge-

For proper care of the dental bridges and the implants, the patients are advised to take care of the following precautions-

  • For the first 48 hours after undergoing the treatment, the patients should avoid strenuous exercise and hot food. One should be careful not to disturb the area and allow rest. It is thus advisable to have cold drinks and not eat until the local anaesthetic has worn off.
  • Post-treatment: If someone has swelling or bruising, they should place an ice pack wrapped on a towel in the area. Doing this will reduce the swell and the bruise. It is normal to experience swelling or bruising post-treatment. If the swelling or bruising persists, then one should immediately visit the dentist.

Thus, with proper precautions taken, the recovery process post-treatment will be faster. 
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