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Our teeth are one of the most important parts of our bodies. A set of functioning teeth is not only required for proper chewing and speech, but it also plays an important part in aesthetics. A beautiful and radiant smile plays an important role in boosting a person’s self-confidence. But, if a tooth is missing or lost, this self-confidence can deteriorate. A lost tooth can be caused by various factors, including an injury, an accident, a dental condition, or an infection. However, as dental science advances, patients now have a long-lasting and permanent solution to missing teeth in the form of dental implants in Delhi. Dental implant surgery is one of the most advanced procedures available, providing a strong and long-term replacement for a missing tooth.

There are various types of dental implant procedures, and individuals frequently have questions regarding the financial aspects of the entire surgery. Here is a breakdown of dental implant costs in Delhi based on different factors.

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  1. Why may Dental Implant costs in Delhi vary? 
  2. Dental implant cost in Delhi 
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  4. FAQs 

1. Why may Dental Implant costs in Delhi vary?

There are several types of dental implants in Delhi. Dental implants are a permanent and long-term treatment for tooth replacement; thus, only the highest quality dental implant should be used. There are numerous different implants available, and the dental implant

cost in Delhi varies depending on various factors.

  • The type of implants: There are different types of dental implants on the market, each with a distinct tooth implant cost in Delhi. The cost of a dental implant varies depending on the type of implant chosen, the size of the implant, the material used to make the implant, and the coating on the implant.
  • The surgery: Inserting dental implants necessitates a proper dental implant insertion surgery, which is a complex procedure. A dentist might have to schedule many sessions to adequately prepare the mouth for the implant, insert the implant, and then place an artificial tooth on top.
  • The cost of bone grafting: when there is insufficient bone density for implant placement, the dentist might ask the patient to have further bone grafting procedures. This ensures that the implants integrate better with the jaw bone.  The additional bone grafting procedures can raise the entire cost of tooth implants in Delhi.
  • The brand of the dental implant: Different brands produce various types of dental implants. The Dental Implant cost in Delhi might vary depending on the brand and quality of the dental implant.
  • The dentist’s expertise: An experienced dentist is a key factor that determines the success of a dental implant procedure.  Consulting a dentist with years of expertise and experience can help make the procedure easy. A skilled dentist is also well-equipped to address any difficulties that may arise, resulting in a successful treatment.
  • The clinic: Another important aspect in deciding the ultimate cost of a dental implant is the clinic’s location. The cost of a clinic located in a town or city will vary accordingly. The equipment and facilities provided by the clinic also play an important role in deciding the cost of dental implants in Delhi.
  • Different tests: Before undergoing a dental implant procedure, the dentist requires the patients to undergo different tests to determine their eligibility. The different tests also provide insight to devise a proper surgery plan.
  • Medication: Several drugs are necessary following a dental implant treatment. This includes antibiotics and pain relievers, which might vary from patient to patient and increase the cost of tooth implants in Delhi.

2. Dental implant cost in Delhi

A dental implant procedure has multiple steps, and every step has a different cost attached to it. Let us look at the step-by-step process, and tooth implant cost in Delhi

Before the dental Implant surgery:

  • Consultation: Before undergoing surgery for dental implants in Delhi, the patient must have a thorough consultation with the dentist. The dentist will assess the patient for dental abnormalities and then discuss treatment options with the patient. Depending on the doctor, this might range from INR 500 to INR 1000.
  • Dental examination: Following the consultation, the patient is sent for a dental examination, which involves X-rays and 3D imaging to understand the implant’s placement better. The cost of an X-Ray typically ranges between INR 1000 and INR 2000. The dental examinations add up to the average price for one tooth implant.
  • Bone grafting and sinus lift: If the bone density is insufficient, bone grafting and sinus lift may be necessary. The cost of bone grafting might range from INR 2000 to INR 8000.

The prices for single tooth bone grafting, indirect and direct sinus lifts are listed below.

Bone Grafting Procedure Cost
Single Tooth Bone Grafting 2000-8000 INR
Indirect Sinus Lift 8000-12000 INR
Direct Sinus Lift 15000-25000 INR

During the procedure:

  • The placement of different types of dental implants and the number of implants required decide the final cost.
Types of Dental Implant Cost
Single Tooth Implant cost in Delhi The single tooth implant cost in Delhi is affordable and starts at 25,000 as only one tooth needs to be replaced. 25,000 INR to 50,000 INR
Full Mouth Implant The full mouth dental implant involves the replacement of all the teeth in the mouth. 6,00,000 INR to 8,00,000 INR
Zygomatic Implants The zygomatic implants are used to replace the teeth of the upper jaw 60,000 INR each
All on 4 Dental Implants All 4 dental implants are utilized when the patient needs to replace 4 teeth from both the upper and lower jaw simultaneously. 2,00,000 INR to 3,50,000 INR
Titanium Dental implants Titanium dental implants are one of the sturdiest implants available. As titanium is non-reactive, these implants are very safe in the mouth. 65,000 INR to 80,000 INR
All on 6 dental Implants All 6 dental implants are used to replace the 6 teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. 4,00,000 INR to 5,00,000 INR

After the procedure:

Following the surgery, a few factors may impact the overall cost:

Medication: Following the dental implant process, the dentist prescribe painkillers and antibiotics. The drugs might cost between INR 500 and INR 2000.

3. Takeaway

At Dr Sahni’s Dental Clinic, your dental problems will be catered to with great care and expertise. The clinic is equipped with Modern-day technology to carry out all the dental procedures smoothly. Dr Sahni’s clinic offers one of the best dental implant insertion surgeries in New Friends Colony. The dental implants used at the clinic are of the best quality and provide trustworthy results and sturdy teeth.

The highly experienced staff and Dentists at Dr Sahni’s clinic have treated numerous patients and provided them with a dream smile.

Contact Dr. Sahni’s clinic today for your dental solutions!

4. FAQs 

  • How long do dental implants last?

    Dental implants are generally one of the permanent solutions for the replacement of missing or broken teeth. There are numerous benefits of dental implants, and life insurance is one of those. Once the dental implants are placed, they can last for a very long time with proper oral care.

  • Is the dental implant procedure painful?

    A dental implant procedure is not a painful procedure. Although the sound of tooth extraction and drilling involved in the surgery might sound extremely painful, it is not.
    The entire surgery is done under local anaesthesia. The local anaesthesia numbs the area where the dental implants are to be inserted, and the surgery can go smoothly.
    There might be some pain once the effects of anaesthesia start wearing off. The dentist recommends medication to relieve the pain. Ice packs are also helpful in reducing the swelling post dental implant procedure.

  • What is the average price for a one tooth implant?

    The average price for a one tooth implant in Delhi can range anywhere from 30,000 INR to 45,000 INR.

  • Which is the best dental implant clinic in Delhi?

 Dr. Sahni’s clinic is one of the best dental implant clinics in Delhi owing to

  • The latest infrastructure,
  • Modern equipment,
  • State of the art facilities,
  • Best dentists,
  • Experienced staff,
  • Affordable costs.

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