Dio Navi Implant System

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on the world’s health care systems, especially dentistry. In the last year, many dental practices have stayed closed except for emergencies, creating a global health crisis. Meanwhile, the explosive and rapid surge of COVID-19 positive cases and severely challenged health care systems have increased the demand for medical care. 

It is during these times that eminent medical care facilities such as Dr. Sahni’s Clinic that specializes in offering DIOnavi dental implants have demonstrated that the role of dentists can be beyond dentistry in a pandemic by virtue of their practical experience and training.

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1. What is the Dio NAVI implant system?

2. How is it different from Conventional Methods?

3. How Does it work?

4. Cost and Success Rates


1. What is the DIOnavi implant system?

The DIOnavi dental implant system is designed with a predefined purpose to make dental implants safer, more comfortable, and faster for the patient. DIOnavi implants allow dentists to quickly ascertain the most effective and safest placement for each dental implant through patented digital technology. This means that the consultation time is considerably reduced since dentists are able to identify a pathway for placement that, in turn, also reduces the chances of nerve damage.

DIOnavi dental implant is ideal:

  • If you’re missing one or more teeth.
  • If you’re looking for a better alternative tooth replacement to dentures or bridges.
  • If you’re not eligible for conventional dental implants.
  • If you don’t want to take risks fearing complications associated with conventional implant surgery.


2. How is it different from Conventional Methods?

The dentists need to make incisions in the gums with conventional dental implants for exposing the bone underneath. Thereafter, the dentist drills into the bone and then screws the dental implant inside. Once this has been done, the dentist stitches the incisions. After this, the patient is expected to wait for a considerable amount of healing time for osseointegration to happen before the dentist can open the incisions again for attaching the abutment. The patient is then expected again to undergo a healing period. One of the biggest disadvantages of this procedure is that the chances of infection increase every time the site is opened up.

On the other hand, DIOnavi dental implants offer greater accuracy during dental surgery. In addition to this, dentists can digitize the entire implant procedure by strategically planning and implementing the dental treatment plan. One of the biggest advantages of DIOnavi dental implants is that they significantly reduce the risk of inflammation and infection. There is no bleeding involved in the process. And, it is also a safe procedure for medically compromised patients.

3. How Does it work?

Small holes are drilled by the dentist through the gum and into the bone with DIOnavi dental implant systems. Using computerized surgical guides, the dentist is able to quickly and safely handle the implant ensuring optimum implant depth and trajectory. The DIOnavi dental implants are then inserted into the holes without causing any trauma to surround tissue and this results in lesser risk of infection, shorter recovery time, little to no bleeding, and no sutures. 

At Dr. Sahni’s Clinic, the specialists make use of advanced technologies such as 3D printers to create a dental guide for implant position, and surgical stents to access the bone radiographically as well as the optimum position of the implant.

These advantages make DIOnavi dental implants an excellent choice for individuals who are diagnosed with health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and systemic (tissue or organ) disease. The best thing is that DIOnavi dental implant surgery takes only 15-20 minutes on average for a single tooth implant.

At Dr. Sahni’s Clinic, you will receive the best treatment from a reputed clinic that takes great pride in offering maximum patient safety.

Benefits of Dio Navi Implants

4. Cost and Success Rates

The estimated cost of a DIOnavi implant starts from INR 45,000 though it may vary from case to case. The final implant cost is dependent on a variety of factors such as the number of implants, the success rate of the dental clinic, the expertise of dentists and their team, the response of the patient in the context of the healing and recovery period, the kind of medications prescribed, etc.

DIOnavi dental implants are minimally invasive and this means that the associated healing period is considerably shorter. Since there are no incisions, the procedure is minimally invasive, patients feel less pain and discomfort when compared to traditional implants.



DIOnavi dental implants is a revolutionary system in the world of implant dentistry. They have already helped millions of individuals worldwide to smile, chew, and laugh with confidence, in no time by combining unexpected speed and comfort with advanced technology. The best thing is that there are no incisions and stitches involved making DIOnavi dental implants an excellent choice for everyone.

If you want to walk with your new, beautiful smile, call Dr. Sahni’s Clinic now to connect with a DIOnavi dental implant procedure dentist.


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