A dental implant is a procedure that comprises a screw-like structure that replaces the tooth. This structure is implanted into the jawbone and is like an anchor for an artificial tooth which is the crown. In the dental implant procedure, a device called an abutment connects the artificial tooth to the dental implant. The crown is customised as per the colour of your teeth and the fitting of your mouth. If you are advised to go for a dental implant, then make sure to choose the best dental surgeon. Book your appointment with Dr. Sahni’s Dental Clinic, one of the best clinics in South Delhi, to carry out the procedure.

Cost of a dental implant in Delhi and factors that affect it

A dental implant is a procedure that has transformed many smiles by offering patients a non-removable prosthesis that functions the same as natural teeth. It is considered the best way to replace a missing tooth with long-term functionality and make patients avoid many other things like dentures, bridgework, etc. The dental implant cost in Delhi varies and depends on your required services. On average, the cost can be between 40000 to 50000 in Delhi. However, many factors impact the cost :

  • The number of implants a patient requires, as the more you require, the greater the cost will be. If you need an implanted bridge, it will also affect the cost.
  • The cost of extractions and whether bone grafting is needed or not.
  • Any X-ray or any other examination fees will also affect the cost of dental implants in Delhi.

Benefits of a dental implant in Delhi

Dental implants, if done at the best clinic by an expert surgeon, offer many benefits which far outweigh the cost. The cost of other procedures like dentures is low, but they are temporary solutions as you need the replacement after a certain time. Dental implants are a permanent and best solution to your dental issues. They are much more effective than artificial tooth replacement; they work as a natural healthy jaw and have normal bite strength and functionality. A patient can treat them as natural teeth, which means managing and caring for them is easy. Some benefits are :

  • Dental implants are designed to appear and function like natural teeth. The procedure offers patients the confidence to eat, smile, and enjoy how they look.
  • Dental implants are long-lasting and reliable with proper care and maintenance. 
  • Dental implants in Delhi have high success rates as implant technology and techniques significantly improve. 
  • Dental implants are properly fixed in the jaw bone like natural teeth, and with time, they help present the jaw bone and reduce bone resorption. 
  • The procedure preserves tooth tissue by avoiding cutting down adjacent teeth. It also preserves bone and reduces bone resorption and deterioration. 

Quality of life after dental implant in Delhi

Dental implants are a long-term investment and the closest solution to a natural tooth. Also, the procedure allows patients to eat the same healthy food they enjoyed earlier. The price of dental implants varies per patient’s requirement, and it is best to discuss it with a dental surgeon before you go for the procedure. At Dr Sahni’s dental clinic in Delhi, you can discuss the procedure, options, and experience with each type of dental implant. 

Why book your appointment at Dr. Sahni’s dental clinic?

Dr. Sahni’s Dental Clinic is a top name in South Delhi which is equipped with best-in-class equipment and technology to take care of all dental-related concerns. The clinic has an expert dentist Dr. Radhika Sahni and a team of qualified and experienced specialists in many branches of dentistry. It is among the best dental implant clinics in South Delhi that provide the most advanced implant treatment. The clinic offers single and multiple teeth implants and a complete set of teeth using a digitised implant placement technique. You can book your appointment to get treated for many dental issues like orofacial pain and sleep apnea, general dental care, geriatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, paediatric care, root canal, etc. 

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