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Everyone has heard of it, everyone knows about it, but whenever the root canal is named as a treatment, people often associate it with pain and suffering, which no one wants to go through.

Root canal treatments are among the most frightening dental treatments. Each time when an individual is asked to visit the dentist or extreme torment and inconvenience is experienced in the teeth, he/she becomes tense and frightened. Root canal therapy involves a procedure where the patient’s root waterway is cleaned & the affected pulp is eliminated. The continuous pain and distress that occurs are because of the presence of the infected pulp in the root canal.

So we have gathered some of the most famous root canal treatment myths & root canal treatment facts, so let us start right away.

Table of content

  1. Root Canal is painful
  2. A root canal is expensive
  3. Better to pull the tooth than to undergo a root canal.
  4. It’s a lengthy and complicated procedure
  5. Illness is caused by root canals
  6. A Root Canal kills the tooth
  7. Even with a root canal, the tooth will eventually fall out
  8. You don’t need a root canal if the tooth isn’t hurting


A root canal is a painful treatment:

Root canal treatment is anything but not a painful treatment. The treatment is done in order to relieve the patient’s pain that he was suffering because of the infected tooth. There might be excessive agony in the patient’s tooth because of the presence of an abscess under the tooth. Today, progressed and exceptionally compelling drugs are utilized, so patients don’t feel tormented during their treatment.

People believe that the instruments used in the root canal cause an unbearable amount of pain, but that is not the case, it is the tooth which while getting treated gives you the pain. Dentists make sure to give you a local anaesthetic to numb out the area so that your suffering gets lessened.

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A root canal treatment is expensive:

People believe that a root canal treatment cost would be too high, that would be out of their budget, which is the reason, they prefer bearing that pain rather than getting the treatment, but you need not worry, root canal treatment cost differs according to the city. You also need to understand that a root canal is a much more affordable procedure than the tooth extraction process, and overall helps you to preserve your natural teeth.

Better to pull the tooth than to undergo a root canal treatment:

This is a very common myth-which spread swiftly just because most people believe that removing the tooth is a better option, but the fact is even the doctors advise to go for a proper root canal treatment rather than an extraction process because of its long term benefits. The fact is that after the removal of the cavity from the particular tooth, the life of the said tooth increases, which is why the dentist opts for a root canal rather than dental implants.

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It is a lengthy and complicated procedure:

Another one of the old myths isthat it is a long and a complicated process in which the dentist would probably call you  100 times to complete it. Well if you’ll ask Dr. Sahni- one of the most famous dentists in Delhi, he has done root canal treatment in Delhi for a long time, he’ll tell you that those days of long waiting at the clinic are gone. With modern advanced technology, you can get your root canal done in just one appointment, both easy and efficient for you since you can opt for a clinic in another city that is more to your liking.

Illness is caused by root canals:

You might have read something like this on the internet or some website, that root canal treatment will leave you with infections or illnesses even after being treated. Well, this is not true in the case of root canal treatment facts. There is no scientific proof linking the root canal to the immune system of your body.

No dental specialist can guarantee that the tooth will not be reinfected even after effectively finishing the treatment. If contamination happens in and around the root trench, you ought to settle on the root canal once more.

A Root Canal kills the tooth:

It is an assumed side effect which is not true. 

No root canal treatment does not kill the tooth, it only preserves the functional integrity of the tooth. However, infected pulp tissue which contains blood vessels is removed from the chamber of the tooth.  The pulp chamber is cleaned, disinfected, packed, and sealed once the infected tissue is removed.

Nonetheless, root canals eliminate the nerves inside the tooth. However, these nerves once removed have no function in a full-formed tooth. 

The root canal is considered a helpful method, this is another illustration of how the root canal treatment myths can spread without having adequate information.

Even with a root canal treatment, the tooth will eventually fall out:

Another rumour, generally believed to be a root canal treatment fact, spread by those who think that one root canal sitting can solve all their problems, but that does not always happen. 

The truth or fact about this is that if you have your teeth completely restored and maintain good oral hygiene then your natural tooth could last you for the rest of your life, without any further assistance. There are rare or no cases where people complain of their teeth falling out.

You don’t need a root canal treatment if the tooth isn’t hurting:

This is one of the strongly believed root canal treatment myths. People tend to believe that if the tooth is not hurting there is no need to get a root canal treatment, as it is not required. 

Dentists and endodontists who are trained professionals suggest that in a lot of cases the need for a root canal treatment procedure arises even though there might not be any pain. The main reason behind this is that the cause of the root canal is not the pain, but the pulp of the tooth- if it is infected or damaged you will require a root canal, irrespective of pain.


Through this blog, we have debunked a lot of myths associated with a root canal. 

Root canal treatment is believed to be complicated, but in reality, it is a comparatively simple and accessible procedure available in medicine to help you deal with your teeth problems. 

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