3D Computer Guided Implant Surgery

3D Computer Guided Implant Surgery

3D Computer Guided Implant Surgery

What is 3D computer-guided implant surgery?

3D computer-guided implant surgery is the latest modern method using computers to place implants in the mouth. The computer software scans the patient's mouth and creates a 3D model, where your dentist can plan an ideal approach for the procedure for you. Guided implant surgery software allows a detailed visualization and modifications of images of the patient's jawbone and other surrounding structures so that the dentist can know the best possible approach for the surgery. This aids in very accurate and précised implant placement with the most minor cuts.

At Dr. Sahni’s Dental Clinic, we provide “Key-Hole digitalized implant placement” which is prepared by 3D scanning and intra-oral scan of your mouth. The implant placement is done within few minutes and as almost like “no surgery”. The result is an optimally placed Implant with precision with no sutures and minimal pain and discomfort.

What are the benefits of 3D computer-guided implant surgery?

  • Much more comfortable (With the least pain and discomfort) and quicker for the patient.
  • The implant placement is very accurate and highly precise.
  • It is less invasive and the surrounding structures are better preserved with quicker healing.
  • Since all the structures are clearly visible in the 3D images, the actual outcomes are more predictable with minimum unexpected events.

What is the procedure of 3D computer-guided implant surgery?

  • The dentist will take a cone beam CT scan of your jaw and teeth.
  • Then they will study in detail your jaw bone, its thickness, surrounding structures, the position, size, angle, and depth of the implant to be placed and make a surgical guide accordingly.
  • Finally, with just a small keyhole in your jawbone, they will place the dental implants with the help of the surgical guide on the screen and no flap or cuts will be made. They do this in only a few minutes.

Is 3D computer-guided implant surgery costly?

Yes, definitely, the initial cost of computer-guided implant surgery is more than the conventional implant surgery. But looking from the long-term perspective, the benefits of the 3D computer-guided implant surgery certainly outweigh its cost. It will prove as an asset rather than a liability because it is quicker, hardly invasive, almost painless, quick healing and so you can return to your work much quicker, have fewer visits to your dentist, etc.

Where can you find the best dental clinic for 3D computer-guided implant surgery?

Visit Dr. Sahni’s Dental Clinic for the best 3D computer-guided implant surgery in Delhi NCR. With highly qualified and widely experienced dentists, they assure you of remarkable results and the least discomfort and time. They use state-of-the-art technology and modern equipment to facilitate amazing outcomes with the least side effects. Do not wait to experience delightful results in the most comfortable and safe environment.

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