Frenectomy is a procedure that treats a lip-tie or tongue-tie. The condition is commonly detected by a pediatrician or general dentist during routine checkups. It is a simple yet important treatment that offers a wide range of benefits.

The procedure is commonly carried out for:

  • Speech correction in infants and children.
  • For orthodontic purposes as it can interfere with proper growth and spacing of the upper two front teeth which results in the development of a large gap between these two teeth.
  • They can complicate with denture fabrication and denture retention.


Can A Lip-Tie Affect A Child?

Challenges that may occur are

  • Spacing between the maxillary central incisors; a large gap can form called a diastema
  • Difficulties with brushing and flossing
  • Increased risk of dental decay

Frenectomy procedure can be carried out by two methods:

  1. Surgical removal ( Traditional Method)
  2. Laser


At Dr Sahni’s we use latest Laser Frenectomy technique, as the procedure is quick and simple, usually a same-day consultation and treatment. This results with reduced scarring and almost no pain.  The recovery and healing is also at a fast rate.

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