Advanced and Comprehensive consultation

Advanced and Comprehensive consultation

Oral Health Consultation
Your smile matters to us!!

Your first oral health consultation at our clinic is advanced with detailed examination keeping in mind your concerns. The first appointments at Dr. Sahni's Dental Clinic, Friends Colony, are an hour long with not only dental but complete medical/systemic examination and documentation so as to understand your problem. We do a detailed check up and examination such that we provide you an advanced and comprehensive consultation.

Our comprehensive check up helps you diagnose dental problems if due to any systemic health issue. Factors like general health, stress, oral habits, nutrition, medication are all important in understanding your oral health.

In comprehensive care we look into teeth, gums, soft tissue of oral cavity, temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and its muscle, muscle of face and neck. We check your occlusion, tooth wear, failure of dental restoration, reason for headache, neck ache due to dental and or non-dental origin.

Our dentists have advanced training in oro-facial pain examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Sahni's Dental Clinic at Friends Colony has in-house full mouth x-rays, 3-D x-rays, intra-oral scan facilities for a comprehensive dental check up.

We don’t just aim at treating one tooth; but we help maintain what is in best interest for your long-term dental health!! So, call now to book an appointment for your comprehensive dental check-up. 

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