Single Tooth Implant

Single Tooth Implant

Single Tooth Implant

Replacing missing tooth. An implant is surgically placed into the area of missing tooth.

Done in two ways; the conventional way in which implant is done in two stages and an immediate implant which is also known as “Same day implant”.

Single Tooth Implant

Are you tense about the continuous pain in your tooth? Do you want a sophisticated and faster remedy? All your issues will have one solution as you step into South Delhi. Have you heard of a single tooth implant? It involves the replacement of only one tooth with a stronger one. Moreover, you may be suffering from a missing tooth. Hence, your troubles will take a back turn as you go for a skilled dentist. 

The Single Tooth Implant takes place in two different ways. Learn about both of them in detail in this piece. Soon you will find that such a procedure is brilliant in curing your tooth. 

Nothing Less Than Magic

The traditional method of single-tooth implantation requires two stages. First, the doctor will stitch the gum tissue and jawbone after putting the implant in between. However, the healing may take a long time. Usually, it is 3 to 6 weeks, after which the patients will not have any problem with the affected tooth. 

However, this involves a lot of time. The evolution of dental sciences has led to various advanced techniques. One such method is single-stage tooth implantation. It is an immediate process leading to quicker implantation. You will need only one day to go through this process. So, it is the Same Day treatment. 

Get your missing tooth in a day without feeling much pain. This is the objective of every expert dentist. However, you may have to spend more bucks to complete the procedure in a single day. It must not be a very big problem. After all, your dental health comes first, then your pockets. The one-day cure is undoubtedly nothing less than magic. You can smile just like before after getting the missing tooth replaced quickly. 

Artificial Can Look Like Natural

If you worry about a broken or missing tooth, forget the unwanted troubles. A dental single tooth implant can have the crown as a suitable solution. The surgical expert will suggest the ideal technique for a comfortable tooth implantation experience. 

Of course, implantation will involve examining the jawline and placing the artificial tooth in the right place. Furthermore, your dentist will suggest simple medicines or mouthwashes before the surgery. However, this procedure will replace the old root, too, along with the tooth. The best part is that the artificial tooth looks just like a natural one. 

A single-tooth implant has a lot of benefits. They can be pointed out as follows;-

  • Fills the gap that the missing tooth has created
  • Preserves the new tooth
  • Prevents the tooth from getting out of place
  • Protects the implanted tooth from every damage
  • It lasts for around 10 to 30 years

Therefore, if you want to keep your permanently fixed artificial tooth for the rest of your life, go for this surgery. The fears of falling the tooth are low when you undergo the procedure later in your life. Therefore, the longevity will depend upon your age of getting the single tooth implantation. 

Check out the reliable dental clinics in South Delhi for the desired treatment. You have more affordable options than many other competitive places. 

You may submit a request on the website by entering your personal details and the reason for taking the service. The professionals promise to bring back your smile with the least effort. So, welcome the change happily. 



What are the advantages of a single tooth Implant?

There are a number of benefits of single-tooth implants:

  • Enhances your looks by giving your beautiful smile back: Single tooth implants help to get rid of the sagging and sunken appearance of your face.
  • Keep other teeth stable: They do not affect the neighboring teeth and prevent them from shifting in the gaps formed by the missing tooth.
  • Preserves bone health and facilitates its growth: Single tooth implant will prevent the loss of jaw bone and promote the growth of new bone structure.
  • Gives a natural look and feel: The implants look and function like or even better than your natural ones. And what more? You can have all your favorite foods without thinking twice. Isn’t that great?
  • Improves your health and life: This will instill more confidence and self-esteem, enhancing your physical, mental, and psychological health.

What is the procedure for a single-tooth implant?

The procedure for implanting a single-tooth implant has various steps: 

  • Assessment: Your orthodontist will assess in detail your medical condition. They may carry out some imaging and other tests to know about your bone structure and gum tissue.
  • Anesthesia: The surgical area will be numbed by local anesthesia.
  • Putting implant posts: The gums are opened through small cuts and the jaw bone is exposed. Then holes are drilled into the bone and a dental implant post is placed deep inside the bone which acts as a tooth root.
  • Awaiting bone growth: This being the most crucial step in the entire single-tooth implant procedure, the jaw bone has to fuse with the tooth implant (Osseointegration) for successful implantation. This will take around 5-6 months and your dentist will regularly evaluate its condition through imaging.
  • Inserting the abutment: After the jaw bone is fused with the implant, the gums are opened and an abutment (A connector on which the artificial crown will be fitted) is placed.
  • The new artificial teeth: Finally, the wait is over, and now, you will receive your beautiful, shiny, artificial teeth that look similar to your natural ones. Your dentist will take impressions and prepare your new teeth. 

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