Oro Facial Pain & Sleep Apnea

Oro Facial Pain & Sleep Apnea

Oro facial pain and sleep apnoea

Pain in the face, especially radiating pain is often misleading by thousands as dental pain. Another thousands wake up feeling muddled because they have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Both groups suffer because of their condition that are often missed, elusive or misdiagnosed. Dr. Sahni’s Dental Clinic is dedicated to helping these patients.

Orofacial Pain covers many types and causes of pain in the jaw, neck and mouth including TMJ and is often accompanied by dental issues, headaches, including migraines, and Sleep Apnoea as well. Diagnosis can be difficult and complex, making effective treatment difficult as well.

Holding a fellowship in Oro facial Pain and Sleep apnoea from Smile USA in association with Roseman University Dr. Radhika Sahni is one of the very few trained specialists in Oro facial pain and Sleep apnoea that work to find effective treatments for these sufferers. We perform a thorough investigation with a detailed history to identify the pain source and treat it successfully.

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