Laser Root Canal Treatment In Delhi

Laser Root Canal Treatment In Delhi

Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

What is Microscopic Root Canal Treatment?

A successful root canal treatment requires the clinician to be precise, and focus on every detail. Due to the complex nature of the endodontic treatment, practitioners have always looked for ways to improve visibility of the operational field. Microscopic root canal treatment is a more precise way of using a dental operating microscope for root canal procedure, which can provide up to 25x magnification and enhanced illumination making it possible to almost look into the root canals of the teeth during the procedure.


Microscopic Root Canal Treatment is a tooth saving procedure which is done to remove the damaged or infected pulp tissue of the tooth. The root canal treatment also involves the cleaning and shaping of the central layer of the pulp, in addition to the filling of the region to prevent any further infection.

Microscopes have become an integral and even indispensable part of the endodontic practice and a key factor in diagnostic and clinical procedures yielding better outcomes.

Procedure of Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

Operating a root canal under a microscope is performed by our endodontists who are extensively trained in root canal microscopy. The procedure is very much done in the same dental chair with being administered a local anesthetic agent and the dentist removing the infected pulp tissue. The root canals are cleaned and shaped under magnification and disinfected with the help of saline and other medical compounds. The dentist then seals the canals thereby preventing the occurrence of future infections by using a root canal filling material. After filling and sealing the canals, the tooth is covered with the help of a crown.

Benefits of Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

We, being one of the very few dental clinic in south Delhi, possess a dental operating microscope. The numerous benefits of which are:

  • • Easier detection of accessory or additional canals.
  • • Assessing the extent of decay prevent excess tooth structure removal.
  • • Helps reduce the chances of instrument separation.
  • • Magnification facilitates the detection of root fractures or any abnormalities.
  • • Facilitates ease in locating calcified canals, separated instruments, perforation repairs, etc. making re root canals easier.
  • • Improved root canal filling and sealing.

Importance of the operating Microscope in Root Canal Treatment

Importance of Microscopes in RCT is multi-fold. Out of the many, some are listed as:

  • • Better illumination
  • • Enhanced magnification
  • • Better ergonomics
  • • Better record keeping as it can be attached to a monitor and viewed.
  • • Improved results

Microscopic Root Canal Cost in Delhi

Root canal cost can vary in dental clinics. The cost can also vary depending upon whether the tooth is treated for the first time or if it is a re root canal procedure. The cost however can vary from 7000 to 18000 for the same.

Why Should You Choose Dr Sahni's Dental Clinic for Microscopic Root Canal Treatment in Delhi?

At Dr. Sahni’s we strive to be able to provide the best possible root canal treatment. We have an endodontist trained for performing root canal procedures under magnification. We have technological advancements to ensure the most precise and painless root canal treatment in Delhi. Your time is well respected and we are able to deliver what we had promised. At Dr. Sahni's we also ensure a world-class internationally followed sterilization protocol.

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